Love Spells and Ethics

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Love spells are one of the magical spells that have always been in great demand. People, irrespective of their religion or cult, always sought out the powers extended by spells in winning the love of their life and in enjoying a life full of contentment and happiness.

There is no limit to the wonders that can be created by a love spell. This can be cited as the reason why many question the ethics of these spells.

The Three-Fold Law

Some magical practitioners make use of white magic spells to cast them. Typically, the Wiccans believe in the three-fold law while performing the rituals. The three-fold law states that every action taken by us can jump back at a force three times than what was performed if it happens to be misused. With the spell casters being in possession of a huge amount of powers, one can say that they are morally responsible to society to employ these skills in the desired manner that does not hurt another person. This is the reason why some white magic practitioners undertake those rituals only with the permission of both parties involved.

The Ethics of Black Magic Love Spells

The advocates of black magic regard that the end justifies the means. So, they are more than willing in their attempts to bend the will of another to make him proceed in the desired manner. But, a wrong act performed by a black magic practitioner is sure to backfire on you. With these spell casters and witches moving with the intention of forcing another to move in the direction defined by them, those black magic love spells can be termed as unethical.

Forcing Someone to Love You

There are times when a spell seeker demands the services of a spell caster to make the job of identifying her love easier. This is a love spell performed in general and is not directed at a single individual. This is an ethical move as it summons the higher level spirits to pave the way for the meeting up of these two people bound by the fate to come together. But, where the spells are done on an individual to force him fall for you and to break his will and force him to love you, in Wicca it is a willful and malicious act, forcing the target to move in the direction set by you. Wiccans believe that no one has the right to break the will of another, through spells or otherwise. They consider it an unethical practice that must not be employed by the spell seeker or the spell caster.

When an individual is forced to fall in love, it may not be his heart’s desire, making the relationship turn sour. This influence the association of both the parties involved in the relationship.

Therefore it is important that you follow the ethical guidelines of the cult or form of magic that you engage in.

The Ethics of Sex Magic

There can be instances where the love spells may take the shape of lust and sex spells. This is ethical provided it enjoys the permission of all parties involved. This is conducted with the intention of igniting passion in a relationship, which is inevitable for a successful relationship and ensuring longevity. However, a sex spell conducted without the permission of one individual can cause undue stress on the physical and emotional well-being of the target. These rituals are highly unethical.

Using Love Spells for Self-Improvement

Love spells conducted to boost one’s self-confidence or the physical beauty that can lure others towards him, is ethical, as long as it is not channeled on a single individual alone.

Love is a union of mind, body and spirit. Forceful and deceitful attempt to bend it in favor of another can never bring about the satisfaction and the bliss of being together in the relationship. It is for this reason, people believe in the need to follow ethical love spells to bring in miraculous results to a relationship.


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