Curse Someone with a Free Curse

Casting a Curse with Smoke in the background

Despite the incredible torture that this Curse brings on its victims, it will bring no harm to you or your loved ones. It will not affect your Karma in any way. In fact, it is the dark and negative Karma of the victim that allows this Curse to work. This Curse will not work against a good person. This Curse summons a powerful and dark Demon, who has been granted permission by Deity to come to the Earth Realm to punish. Once summoned, the Demon attaches itself to the soul of the the victim. Once fully bound to the victim, the Demon begins to torture the victim, both body and mind. Each day of the victims life will become worse than the day before. Again, I only ask that you choose this Curse for those who are truly evil, and who deserve such a harsh punishment.

Items you will need for the Curse

  • 13 small black candles
  • Matches
  • Pencil
  • Something personal from the person you want to curse (a lock of hair, a picture, a piece of clothing, their name written on a piece) The item must be preferably small.
  • 1 chicken heart
  • Needle or Knife
  • Sheet of Parchment Paper
  • Twine

 How to Curse an Enemy

Put the sheet of parchment paper on a flat surface (such as a table) in front of you.

Write the following in the center of the parchment paper using the pencil:

I summon you, negative energies of all kind to curse you for eternity

Surround the Parchment Paper with the 13 candles

Light the candles using matches

Stand over the parchment paper/candles and place the personal item from the person you want to curse on top of the words you have previously written on it.

Using each of the 13 candles drop 13 drops of wax on the item saying the following when you pick up each candle:

Bestali Mlicio

While you are dropping the wax focus intensely on the curse and the person you are cursing and all the bad things you want to happen to them.

Cut yourself with the knife or needle. You will need 3 drops of your own blood (from your hand) and drop it on top of the wax.

Add the chicken heart

Wrap the parchment paper and make a package containing all the items. Use the twine to hold the package together.

Blow out each candle saying:

Relato Bestali Pec

Bury the package under a tree

On the night of the following full moon light the 13 candles and let them burn out.


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