Finding the Best Spell

There are spells all over the Internet. Half an hour or so on Google would easily allow you to get hold of hundreds of different spells for almost any purpose that you could possibly want. The task however is to wade through all of the useless and ineffective rituals that is put online to find the spells that actually work.

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The Importance of Picking the Right Spell

If you don’t pick the right spell, then nothing is going to happen and all of the planning you will have gone through to get it set up will end up having been for nothing. Some people are mean enough to put spells online knowing full well that they don’t work and these can be an absolute nightmare for genuine spell casters as they have to be careful to only take spells from websites and publications that they know to be a reliable source for spells and rituals.

Although, this isn’t to say that any spell that doesn’t work to is a useless one. Some spells just don’t work for certain people, but can go absolutely brilliantly for others. Not every spell is universally effective or ineffective to absolutely every single person. There is a variation based on the person involved.

Even Authentic Spells can Fail

Also, the fact that a spell hasn’t worked for you the first time you do it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad spell or that it will never work for you at all. In fact, it could just mean that your state of mind was wrong or that you hadn’t set up the materials in exactly the right way that the spell required. It could additionally mean that the spell just hasn’t kicked in yet as per the will of the universe that we mentioned in another one of the articles that are published on this website.

We would advise that you write down every spell that you do and record whether or not it worked. This means that, when you come across spells, you can see whether they are ones you have done before and in fact whether they worked in the end. You can also see if there are any subtle differences between the new spell and the one you had done before. These differences could be the difference between whether the spell ends up working or not. As with many things to do with the magic arts, trial and error is often the only way to decide what is best.

Finding your favorite Spell Casting Technique

It is quite literally a case of going through as many different spell techniques as you can find until you find methods and spells that seem to work well for you. As we have repeatedly stressed, magic is a very personal art that varies hugely between people. Someone may write a spell because it is a method that works for them perfectly, but find that it is of no use to anyone else. That doesn’t make the spell useless. It just means that it is personal to that one spell caster. This is not an unusual phenomenon at all.

To conclude, the choice of a spell is a hugely important factor for any spell caster to consider. Books and websites will bombard you with information about “the best spells and the best times to perform them”, but at the end of the day, it is what you are comfortable with that is the most important thing as it is your spell and you are the only one who knows truly what you are able to do. So get researching and immerse yourself in the world of magic, trying as many spells as you possibly can and soon you will find the best way for you to perform your magic.


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