Eternal Beauty Spell

A beauty spell will make it work where others will see the truth of how beautiful you truly are.

The amazing thing about this beauty spell is that it works for eternity bringing out not only your physical beauty on the outside but it will also make it where others will truly recognize your beauty on the inside as well.

Use the Eternal Beauty Spell to enhance your physical beauty by working deep within you on your inner beauty and to keep it that way for eternity.

Ingredients for the Eternal Beauty Spell

  • 1 Black Candle
  • 1 White Candle
  • Lilac Incense
  • Coconut Oil

How to Cast the Eternal Beauty Spell

Cast your circle around your created altar and take the sea salt and use it to draw a physical circle. Once the circle has been casted and drawn take the coconut oil in your off hand and then take the white candle in your power hand and anoint it with the coconut oil. Once you have done this, place the white candle in the middle of the circle and pick up the black candle. Anoint it with the coconut oil and place directly below the white candle making sure that the black candle is placed outside of the circle and is in a vertical line with the other candle.

Now light the incense and kneel within the circle focusing on bringing your inner light and beauty to the surface, letting it shine brighter then ever. Once you have visualized and are in deep concentration, say the following:

I evoke my inner light

Beauty once hidden, now be revealed

I show my true self to the worlds sight

By the God and Goddesses

You shall see

My true light shall shine to thee

After speaking the beauty spell you will then need to light the black candle using the white candle to light it with saying the following exactly three times as you do.

By all the power of land and sea

as I do will so mote it be

By all the power of fire and air

fulfilled be now my desire

After chanting the above three times you will need to snuff out the white candle (do not blow it out!). Let the black candle and the incense burn out completely.

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