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Pregnancy Protection Spell

If you are pregnant and do not want to lose a child your first step is to make sure that you are medically healthy. Keep all of your appointments and do not do any activities that may threaten the well-being of the child. There is no force more protective than a mother’s natural love for […]

Break a Spell

It is not uncommon to do a spell and then decide that you wanted the wrong thing after all. You can use this ritual to break a spell that you have cast or that was cast on you. It reverses all energies of a spell and completely clears your spiritual path to renew your spiritual […]

Home Blessing

This home blessing takes it’s cue from rituals used by the Indigenous people of North America. Choose the night of a full moon to do this house blessing.  It is best done atf 4:00 in the afternoon your time wherever you are in the world.  This is because this is an hour that equates to […]

Pet Spell for Protection

We all love our pets. They bring us joy and happiness that often we do not find with other human beings. Yet so many things can happen to them. If you worry about your pet or pets then you should cast the pet spell for protection and well being. This is a very special spell […]

Evil Eye, Jinx and Curse Protection

To protect from the evil eye, jinxes and curses yourself a small charm called a Mojo bag that you will carry on your person. This is just a small pouch made with scraps of fabric. It can be quite small, about the size of a loonie.  You will stuff this little fabric pouch full of the […]

Car Spell for Protection

The dragon is an ancient mythical animal that is a symbol of protection.  The dragon, which breathes fire and smoke just like vehicles do, is an apt symbol for protection during travel. Use the car spell to protect your car or boat from all kinds of harm. Using this spell will mean that you do […]

Home Protection Spell

Copper is a metal that is sacred to all of the goddesses of the home, hearth and domesticity.  Copper is also sacred to Venus, the Goddess of Love.  This is where pennies can come into play to help you protect your home. Copper pennies have the power to protect you from evil spirits, the evil […]

Spell to Protect a Loved One

For the Spell to protect loved ones you need to imagine them surrounded in a radiant white light.  This light has a seal through which no bad energy or evil influence can permeate. For this you will need a photo of your loved one looking peaceful or happy.  A color photo is best because it […]

Spell to Protect an Object

The metaphysical business of protecting an object really does depend a great deal on your ability to visualize energy and also positive results.  Protection rituals mostly involve tracing the shape of the five pointed pentagram over it to protect it from loss. The pentagram is a form of a protective circle.  It also puts a […]

Health Protection Spell

This healing spell is a blessing and gives the body more connection with the spirit.  The pine incense is a purifying element and so is the salt. The water carries psychic energy in the flow from the mind to the body. The sandalwood incense in this spell is also protective from evil spirits and also […]

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