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Easy Spell for Luck

Is there such thing as a lucky penny?  This is a spell that is based on the symbolic meaning of the penny as a tool that can improve your luck.  It is a humble tool that can be used as a ritual object to cast an easy spell for luck. If you are not in […]

Spell to Attract Good Luck

One way to attract good luck quickly is to draw yourself an “attract luck” bath.  This bath is to help you magnetize the very best that you can into your sphere of influence and that includes the very best jobs, friends and money opportunities.   Make sure that you immerse yourself completely in this bath […]

Spell for Luck in Business

This is a charm for luck in business that should be in the vicinity of your place of work. If you own a store you can put the charm in your cash register. If you are a freelancer or telecommuter you can put it near your computer. As you are casting the business spell focus […]

Spell to Remove Bad Luck

Removing bad luck in your life partly has to do with removing your belief that you have bad luck in the first place. Make a point of transcending any bad energy that can be sent your way. Obeah Tree magic works well for breaking a streak of bad luck.  Trees are purifying agents that have […]

Money Luck Spell

Though you might just need a money luck spell to help you with your financial situation or your lottery ticket, you can also use the luck and money spell everyday to ensure every day is a lucky day.  Your luck doesn’t have to run out and it doesn’t have to with this free rituals. This […]

Spell for Success, Luck and Fortune

The use of something that comes from body is a very powerful ritual tool in any kind of magic. In this case you are using a strand of your hair that is then tied into several knots to perform the success spell. The item is then cast to the wind so that fate can take […]

Spell for Luck in an Exam or Test

This spell is a potion that you will consume in order to help increase your luck when it comes to taking a test. Grape juice is a metaphysical aid to increase intelligence. Mint leaves, which are excellent for communication and memory retention are added in order to help you be as on your toes as […]

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