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Jealousy Spell

Creating jealousy is black magic. Still others say that there can be no sexual attraction in a relationship if there is not some small element of jealousy there. This is a special spell that involves the use of lipstick. Choose the lushest, reddest sexiest lipstick you will find to help give the spirits the message […]

Santeria Seduction Spell

This Santeria Seduction Spell appeals to the Santerian Goddess Oshun for assistance.  You ask for her help when it comes to being seductive and attractive to the one you desire. This Goddess must be fed regularly with alcohol and sweet confections. Her colors are yellow and pink so if you want to strengthen the power […]

Voodoo Desire Me Spell

This is a Voodoo Desire Spell.  This ritual uses candles that suit the dual purpose of being effigies or poppets.  These are also commonly known as figure candles. You can buy these types of Candles, usually called Adam and Eve Candles at an occult store. Tonka beans, which are white beans that jump around when […]

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