Black Magic Break-up Spell

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This break-up spell is black magic and should only be used under extreme circumstances. This is also a spell that involves burning belongings from both the male and the female in the love equation.

One of the easiest things to burn is a piece of paper that was in their possession as it is much harder to burn a piece of clothing or jewelry. However, even if the objects only partially burn the spell will still work.

If you are unable to find black figure candles you can also use regular black taper candles.

Items needed for the Black Magic Break-up Spell

  • Silver platter
  • Black velvet fabric.
  • Male figure candle in black
  • Female figure candle in black
  • Item belonging to the male
  • Item belonging to the female

How to Cast the Black Magic Break-up Spell

Arrange the black velvet fabric on the silver platter.  Place the items belonging to the couple in question in the center of the platter on the black fabric. On either side of the belonging place the female figure black candle on the left and the male on the right.  Place them so their backs are facing away from each other.

Next, light both candles and burn them for nine minutes all the while visualizing the real-life couple breaking up. Build up enough magical energy while you focus on your wishes. There is no time limit, make sure to build up as much energy as possible.

Blow the candles out and toss the hot stubs on the items.  Fold the items up in the black fabric and then go to a crossroads far away from your home.  Dispose of the spell remnants down a gutter grate that has running water.

What the Black Magic Break-up Spell can do for you

Black magic can be a dangerous yet powerful form of magic that can enable you to control, manipulate, or harm others.  Black magic should be used sparingly, and you must consider all of the possible repercussions as well as more positive alternatives before resorting to black magic to solve your problems. This Break-up spell works by bending the wills of others to your own will, therefore you can use this spell if you want to cause a couple’s breakup by imposing your own will on their relationship and overpowering their own desires with your own.

Say, for example, you want your neighbor and her husband to break up because you want him for yourself.  You could cast this spell with the intention of destroying their relationship, thereby enabling you to step in and get what you want: namely, your neighbor’s husband.

Always beware, however, when you work with black magic.  The outcome will probably not be the positive thing that you may have been hoping for.  You can never foresee all of the unintended consequences of black magic.  The dark powers may grant your desire, but at what cost? Before using black magic, ask yourself if you are prepared to deal with all of the consequences of your spell.


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